Savage Heroes Of Star City

(The following are popular news stories from tabloid sources in the days/weeks since the failed bank heist.)

Cat Creature Roams City

Residents of Star City have reported seeing a large human cat hybrid roaming the alleys in Tempest and Southpoint. Some have reported that this creature has killed small time local hoods in these neighborhoods. Opinions vary from citizen to citizen but everyone is concerned where this creature came from. Is it a monster from the city sewers? Is it some sort of genetic experiment? An alien?

Wave Of Amnesia Sweeps Through The City

Individuals report that they have been experiencing moments of memory loss. A local citizen gave this explanation after being arrested for breaking and entering. What explains this disappearance in time? Is it just crazies making excuses or are we being abducted and experimented on?

Ghost Terrorizes Eastpoint Gang

An arrest record of local gang members in Eastpoint report that they were attacked by a ghost or shadow creature. What is happening in our city? If you have information about this, please contact Star City Underground.



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