Savage Heroes Of Star City

Key Gazetteer Articles

A Collection Of News Headlines Across The City

(The following are news articles to have appeared in reputable news publications in the days/weeks since the failed bank heist.)

Billionaire Couple Killed In Robbery Went Wrong

A spokesman for the West Foundation appeared in a press conference callings for SCPD to track down the person or persons responsible for the cold blooded murder of the beloved family of Star City and the unfortunate traumatic event that has scarred their only son.

The Chief of Police indicates that the Major Crimes Unit hot shot, Detective Malone is hard at work to solve this unspeakable crime.

Fire In South Point Claims The Lives of Five. Eighth In Last Week

Arson is becoming a serious issue in Southpoint and surrounding areas. This is the latest of eight fires to destroy a property within the city. Fire and Rescue report that five individuals were lost as a warehouse erupted into fire.

City Parks Department Reports Increased Bee Activity In Local Parks

A member of the Star City Parks Department made a mention of increased population of bees, that don’t appear to be indigenous to this region, making nests all across the local parks.

Update: The Gazetteer has been made aware that a citizen was attacked in an uptown park. The identity of the individual is currently being withheld but they are currently in critical condition.

Businesses Report Security Breaches

Sources report that local insurance and financial institutions have been reporting cyber security violations. Details are sparse at this moment but it appears that these intrusions have occurred with little to no evidence of who is responsible.



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