Finn Benson

Ben's Loving Yet Concerned Uncle

Real Name Finnegan Benson
Citizenship U.S. Citizen
Place Of Birth Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Grocery Manager
Known Relatives Riley Mae Benson (Wife – Deceased), Rachel Benson (Sister – Deceased), Craig Benson (Brother-In-Law – Deceased), Benjamin Benson (Nephew)
Height 5’6"
Weight 135 lbs
Race Caucasian
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Hazel

Ben Benson’s widower uncle who protects and cares for his orphaned nephew.


Finnegan Benson was born in Brooklyn, New York. In his early adulthood, he trained to be a military police officer. He had known his future wife, Riley Mae since their high school days, where they were teenage sweethearts. When Ben’s younger sister Rachel Benson and her husband Craig were killed in a plane crash, Finn and Riley took in their orphaned son Ben and raised him as their own.

Finn Benson

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