The West Family


Robert & Elizabeth West are philanthropists in Star City. They operate a variety of charitable organizations that aim to make all of Star City a better place.

The Wests were found murdered in an alley nearby the Royal Cinemas. They had taken their son, William, to see a special showing of a film adaptation of “Die Fledermaus”.


Robert West was born into one of the early upper class families of Star City. In his late teenage years, while attending University, he met a young idealistic woman, also from the upper crust, who stole his heart.

During their courtship, he took to the role of social worker while Elizabeth volunteered her time at medical clinics in lower income areas of town. The two wed and took their honeymoon doing a variety of charity work around the world. Over the next thirty years, the two created a number of non-profit organizations and founded community groups, funded from their families’ wealth, that ranged in purpose from community outreach to low income medical care.

The West Family

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