Savage Heroes Of Star City

Star City Gazetteer Issue#1
Brave Citizens Thwart Daytime Bank Robbery

(Except taken from Star City Gazetteer online article)

Today saw five masked men attempt to rob Star City National Bank. Eye witnesses state two customers with the assistance of a masked vigilante were able to prevent these criminals from completing their goal. Not all individuals were fans of this remarkable act of daring. Bank Manager Stephen Kidto stated “Our highest priority is the safety of our customers. The actions of these individuals could have placed others in harm’s way.”
The would be robbers fled from the scene after the citizens foiled their plans of a heist. The vigilantes pursued the vehicle both in car, and as reported by several on lookers, zipping through the air using some sort of grappling system. The SCPD arrived on the scene and were able to apprehend the culprits without issue. While the detective on the scene would not comment if the identities of the “heroes” were known or if they were going to face legal reprisals he did state that “vigilantism is a crime and that individual citizens taking the law into their own hands is dangerous to all involved” and “can cause issues with appropriate legal action being taken against criminals”.

(Reader comments to the article seem mixed but mostly positive. There are several comments about how police & courts are either unable to take swift or effective action against crime.)

Teen Confesses To Murder of Three

A Star City University Freshman has been taken into custody and confessed to the murder of three other students. He was found at the scene of the crime by campus police with the murder weapon in hand. In his confession, he stated that the other three individuals were trying to hunt and kill. It appears that the four were playing some form of game and the freshman, now unable to tell the difference between the game world and reality, lashed out at the other three.


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