Savage Heroes Of Star City

Alleged Mafia Hangout the Focus of Gangland Shootout

Last night the sound of gunfire filled the night air at 135 West 50th in The Docks district. This is was the location of the night spot known as “The Good Man”. It was frequented by a number of individuals with associations to organized crime not only in the city but all along the Eastern Seaboard.

Today a visitor to that address would see nothing but a singed crater and blackened concrete where the night club once stood. Reports state that during the late night hours a flurry of gunfire opened up from across the street and shortly after the building erupted in a violent explosion of flames and debris.

Cat Monster Kills Three

The mutilated bodies of three citizens were removed from Star City Savings & Loan today. The site was not only the scene of a midday bank heist but also yet another attack of the cat monster. Citizens were seen fleeing the crime scene reporting seeing a feline clad in a white and blue outfit killing and mutilating bodies. It is not yet known if these victims were part of the heist or patrons at the bank.

[Reader comments seem focused on finding and bringing to justice whatever creature is responsible for these attacks.]

Frog-Boy Seen Leading Bank Robbery

Witnesses at an Star City Savings & Loan in Southpoint today report seeing a frog-like creature escape carrying two large bags of money. It’s believed that this was related The the reappearance of the cat creature that continues to stalk it’s prey on the city streets.

Dellamano Genetics Notification
A Company Gig

The following e-mail was sent to me from the head of the genetics division yesterday. Please attend to this.

-Maximus Dellamano

To: Dellamano, Maximus
From: Ashley, Marcus
Subject: Urgent! Project: Titan Escaped

We are notifying you that there was an issue with the specimen tank for “Titan”. According to security footage, it jumped out of the tank last night. It killed several scientists and all of the security guards on duty last night. We are attempting to coordinate an effort to recapture the specimen before news reaches the public at large. The tag embedded in it’s flesh is responding.

[A section of the e-mail appears to be corrupted.]

Ghost Killer Strikes Again

Insiders report that a young child, whose name is not released, was taken into custody by police. The Chief of Police has kept news media in the dark about this but my sources tell me that this boy, a resident of Eastpoint’s Soho Tenements, is believed to be a witness to the brutal murders of more gang members.

The coroner report indicates that these attacks identically match the wounds suffered by our previously reported ghost murders. We will continue to protect the identity of the minor but will provide additional details when possible.

Cat Monster Kills In Open Daylight

The mainstream media is trying to calm the public by feeding them lies about citizens killed by an “escaped animal”. We have evidence that this was in fact some aberration. This is no normal cat, this is some form of cat/human hybrid. We suspect it is the creature responsible for killings a few weeks ago. When will we be able to safely walk our streets without fear of gangs or monsters attacking us?

Wild Animal Loose In City

Earlier today a, yet unnamed, citizen and a police officer were attacked by an escaped animal. Reports indicate that this may be a large feline or jungle cat that escaped from the zoo in Bright Beach. The zoo has dispatched handlers and are working with police are attempting to locate and contain the threat to ensure public safety.

Bizarre Frog-Boy Living In City Sewers

Eye witnesses report seeing a frog-like creature entering a watershed grate in Southpoint. Is this yet another aberration like the cat creature that recently killed civilians in the area outside Tempest or a different threat that faces the city?

Dellamano Announces New Cyber Security Software

Maximus Dellamano called a press conference today to announce a new cyber security defense application, CySec. The product’s announcement comes days after the recent cyber attacks that plagued several businesses over the last week. He announced that this security product will “help defend personal and business data with state of the art encryption and it will allow Dellamano Security & Loss Prevention to track and locate any potential hackers attempting to compromise and steal your information.” He assured that this will be a joint effort between Dellamano Corp and Star City Police Department.

Fires Continue To Sweep City

The last three nights have seen five more fires sweeping through The Docks. Two tenement building, a local bodega, and two more warehouses have been destroyed. The current death toll is now in the twenties with almost as many hospitalized.


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