Campaign Information

Below is some necessary information for the players joining into the “Savage Heroes Of Star City” campaign.

The game will be played using the Savage Worlds game system. This means that it is recommended that player’s have the following materials for gameplay.

• Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition Rulebook
• Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion book
• A set of polyhedral dice (specifically d4, 2d6, d8, d10, d12)

We will be working in a modified version of the Savage Worlds setting from Necessary Evil. All of the current available information regarding the current status of the in-game world will be updated on the Obsidian Portal page.

Campaign Setting Rules:

Blood & Guts
Characters can spend bennies on damage rolls.

Goons and Henchmen will hop in front of successful attacks against Wild Card enemies.

Heroes Never Die
Wild Cards can not/rarely die. They instead are simply knocked out and/or may suffer an injury as a result.

Campaign Information

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