Karma And Notoriety

A wise man once said, “You die The Hero or you live long enough to see yourself become The Villain.” Which one will you become? Are you loved or hated by the public? Do the authorities see you as a menace or a valued resource? Do the criminals of the city fear you? The chart below shows the overall public opinion of what kind of heroes you are.

The scores will be on a scale running from -10 to 10.

Category Level Rating
Karma 0 Neutral
Menace -1 Public Nuisance
Notoriety 2 Threat


Karma Result: Your actions have given the citizens both reason to like and fear you.
Karma Effect: N/A


Menace Result: The police have cause to distrust or fear all “Supers” presently in the city.
Menace Effect: TBA


Notoriety Result: The villains and organized crime consider you to be a threat.
Notoriety Effect: TBA

Karma And Notoriety

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