RMS Titanic hits iceberg. Passenger Margaret Brown reports unknown individual was helping to swim survivors to life boats during the accident. No passenger fitting this person’s description matches crew or passenger manifests.

• Emissary from Atlantis arrives in Washington D.C.
• Peace negotiations between the Americans & Atlanteans begin. American offshore drilling ceases.
• This alliance makes Axis powers nervous and results in America getting involved in The Second Great War.

• Hydroelectric power becomes the number one energy source throughout America.
• Franklin D. Roosevelt approves military scientists to begin genetic modification experiments.

• General Robert “Bob” Ingolls is selected to participate in an Operation: Four Star. It results in him gaining enhanced agility and vitality.

• Four Star rescued Hymie Simon, a young Jewish Army private, from a German prison camp.
• Private Simon, though he possesses no special abilities or enhancements, joins Four Star on all future missions during the war. Due to the fact he happened to avoid severe injury or always made the right decision under pressure he was given the nickname “Lucky”.
• Four Star and Lucky capture, German leader, Adolf Hilter in Berlin, Germany.
• Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
• World War II ends.
• World leaders begin United Nations. There first order is sentencing Hilter for his crimes against humanity.

• U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam conflict officially begins.
• An alien being known as The Outsider arrived on Earth two miles off the northeastern coast of the United States. A hero known as Silver Sentinel went to greet the giant extraterrestrial but a fight broke out after Outsider swatted him away. Silver Sentinel retaliated by bombarding the being with silvery high energy blasts. The resulting battle was lost from view as the resulting combat erupted in massive tidal waves.
• As the spray settled, the Outsider was nowhere to be found and Silver Sentinel lay unconscious on a landmass that was not there previously.

• President Dwight Eisenhower summons Four Star and Lucky to the White House to discuss them getting involved in the conflict. Lucky agrees to participate while Four Star refuses citing ideological differences.
• Robert Ingolls, is stripped of the mantle of Four Star, and sent to military prison as a result of his refusal.
• Hymie Simon, now known as Henry Simon, enters a modified version of the Four Star genetic enhancement program. Upon completion, he takes up the alias of Four Star.

• After discovering the fate of, former U.S. hero, public opinion drops across all demographics. Eisenhower secretly pardons Ignolls.

• Kennedy becomes the 35th President of the United States. His inauguration speech inspired Bob Ingolls to take back up the mask but, after seeing the atrocities of war used to defeat the Axis powers during World War II and hearing what war crimes were being committed in Vietnam, the line “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” became a dark twisted motto in his mind. Ingolls started calling himself “The Sharpshooter”.

• Seeing his country come dangerously close to all out nuclear war, The Sharpshooter carried out an assassination plot against President Kennedy.
• The U.S. government covered up the true assassin’s identity to prevent the country from being further demoralized by discovering it’s former hero murdered it’s leader.

• The “Age of Heroes” ends when all of Earth’s super heroes mysteriously started to disappear.

• Information about the assassination cover up are amongst the conversations uncovered with the other wiretap conversations in the Watergate evidence.
• The resulting blow to faith in the government and the universal feeling of betrayal by “heroes” causes almost all instances of them being removed from the lexicon for the next several decades.

• Medical research has caused remarkable breakthroughs in the medical field. These breakthroughs have allowed a number of items showing up on the black market. Everything from minor temporary enhancements to physical and mental capabilities to more permanent enhancements such as implants that have to be surgically installed and grafted to the individual’s body.



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