Karma And Notoriety

A wise man once said, “You die The Hero or you live long enough to see yourself become The Villain.” Which one will you become? Are you loved or hated by the public? Do the authorities see you as a menace or a valued resource? Do the criminals of the city fear you? The chart below shows the overall public opinion of what kind of heroes you are.

The scores will be on a scale running from -10 to 10.

Category Level Rating
Karma 1 Friendly Neighborhood Heroes
Menace 1 Necessary Evil
Notoriety 5 A Wrench In The Plans

Friendly Neighborhood Heroes

Karma Result: Your actions have given the citizens reasons think you’re going to help them.

Karma Effect: Average Citizens will look the other way at small offenses. After all, you’re trying to help.

Necessary Evil

Menace Result: The police are not fond of you but your presence does have advantages.

Menace Effect: Police will look for reasons to distrust you but will not attempt to detain you without cause.

Wrench In The Plans

Notoriety Result: Star City criminals are growing perturbed with your presence.

Notoriety Effect: Your reputation proceeds you. Enough people have started whispering your names that lower level thugs aren’t willing to risk facing you.

Karma And Notoriety

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