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Welcome to Star City! We’re glad to see you’ve chosen to our visit our metropolis…or if you’re moving to our city “Welcome Home”. We are compiling information about must see “hot spots” as well as other various information that will be useful to everyone.

Remember to keep coming back for more information and we’ll keep updating it.

Star City
For those interested in information and history about the city, there are a few interesting resources available for you.

Arts, Science & History
Star City is home to a variety of museums, a large aquarium and Dellamano Robotics regularly conducts a series of public events & laboratory tours.

Star City appears to be the home to the rebirth of “Supers”. For several decades, the World has not known of any super powered individuals but over the last few weeks activitiy and reported appearances seem to be on the rise. The general public opinion can waiver from event to event.

Main Page

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